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Roots Blower

Longtech Taiwan Roots Blower

Longtech three lobes Roots Blowers are a new series of Roots type blowers. Roots blowers are positive displacement pumps that are one of the most efficient types of pumps in their performance range. Roots blowers run dry as the oil is contained in the bearing/gearbox housing and sealed from the process air.

The three lobe technology reduces noise by as much 5dBa, this also lowers vibrations and increases the life of the bearings. The Longtech blowers are CNC machined to precision tolerances, promoting air performance and efficiency.

The Longtech blower range can handle from -500mbar to +800mbar with flow rates from 30m3/hr to 21,750m3/hr. The blowers are available as just the blower or as a blower package through to a full blower enclosure. Optional VSDs can be supplied also be provided.


Installation Roots Blower for Vacuum

Installation Roots Blower for Pressure


  • Stable air flow and fewer pressure variations
  • Clean air, with no oil dirty particles
  • Construction is simple and easy to maintain
  • Bearings and gears are lubricated with oil on end side of the blower
  • All of product can be used for OEM
  • Proven design


Quality Manufacture

Quality Manufacture Longtech

Quality Manufacture Longtech Roots Blower
  • Bearing : All Longtech blower units are using SKF/ NTA bearing with long liife. Anti friction type vary with machine.
  • Seal : Low-wear, non-contacting,labyrinth-type seals ensure performance and long life
  • Rotors : Made from cast iron or stainless steel with stiff design for maximum life. By CNC and 3D machinery control to ensure the highest performance, providing with trouble-free performance and durability.
  • Shaft : Impeller shafts are alloy steel forging that allow higher operating pressure and rotation speeds.
  • Timing Gears : Forged steel gears with hardened and ground spur teeth to reduced vibrations and ensures accurate rotor to rotor timing for smooth adn efficient operation.
  • Casing : All Longtech blower unit are single-piece construction and precision machined cast iron, with ribs for strength and consistent thermal behaviour.


Structure & Material

Structure & Material Longtech
Structure Longtech Roots Blower
Material Longtech Roots Blower
Material Longtech Roots Blower


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